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Characteristics and common types of sorters
Author:B-smart Technology(Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Date:2020/7/17 11:25:39

What are the characteristics of the sorter? There are several common types? Many friends who are not familiar with the sorter are not clear about the characteristics and types of the sorter, and they are also very curious. However, with the continuous development of science and technology, now there are many types of sorters, but many people still don't know what types of sorters are. However, in order to facilitate everyone to understand, today's small edition For you to introduce the characteristics of the sorting machine and the main several common types.


1. It can sort goods continuously and in large quantities. Due to the adoption of automatic production line operation mode used in large-scale production, the automatic sorting system is not limited by climate, time and human physical strength, and can operate continuously. At the same time, due to the large number of pieces sorted per unit time, the sorting capacity of the automatic sorting system is more than 100 hours, and can sort 7000 pieces of packaged goods per hour.


If manual work is used, only about 150 pieces can be sorted per hour. At the same time, the sorting personnel can not work continuously for 8 hours under this labor intensity.


2. The error rate of sorting is very low. The sorting error rate of automatic sorting system mainly depends on the accuracy of the input sorting information, which in turn depends on the input mechanism of sorting information. If manual keyboard or speech recognition mode is used, the error rate is more than 3%. If the barcode scanning input is used, the error rate will not be wrong unless the barcode printing itself is wrong. Therefore, the current automatic sorting system mainly uses barcode technology to identify goods.


3. The sorting operation is basically unmanned. One of the purposes of establishing automatic sorting system in foreign countries is to reduce the use of personnel, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and improve the use efficiency of personnel. Therefore, the automatic sorting system can minimize the use of personnel and basically achieve unmanned.


The following describes the common types of sorters:


Cross belt sorter


There are many types of cross belt sorter, and the common one is one car with two vertical belts。 One trolley has two vertical belts, which can carry a parcel on each belt or two belts together to carry a package。


When two sections of belts are combined to carry a package, the direction of the parcel can be kept in line with the sorting direction by pre action in the two belt directions of the sorter, so as to reduce the gap requirement of the grid.


The advantages of cross belt sorter are low noise and wide range of goods to be sorted. The maximum capacity of a single machine is about 20000 pieces per hour through the optimization of double side feeding pass.


However, the disadvantages are obvious, that is, the cost is relatively high and the maintenance cost is high. At present, the main suppliers in this field are FKI, vanderland, cinetic, Berman machinery, Intel, etc. In China, there are Putian and Shanghai post.


Tipping tray sorter


The tipping tray sorter is used to sort out the parcels by the way of tray tipping. The sorter is also used in express delivery industry, but more often it is applied in the field of airport luggage sorting.


The maximum capacity can reach 12000 pieces per hour. The standard tipping tray sorter is composed of wooden tray, tipping device and bottom frame. Tipping can be divided into mechanical tipping and electric tipping. The suppliers are FKI, van der land, Germany Berman machinery, etc.


Slide sorter


The slider type sorter is shown in the figure. It is also a special type of strip conveyor. The surface of the conveyor is composed of metal strips or pipes, such as bamboo mat. On each strip or pipe, there is a guide slider made of hard material, which can slide laterally along the strip.


Baffle sorter


The baffle type sorter uses a baffle (stop bar) to block the goods moving forward on the conveyor and guide the goods to one side of the slide to discharge。 Another form of the baffle is that one end of the baffle serves as a fulcrum for rotation。


Roller floating sorter


This kind of sorting mechanism is used on the roller or chain type main conveyor. One or dozens of powered inclined rollers are installed under the surface of the main conveyor. When the sorting mechanism is started, the inclined rollers float upward, contact the bottom of the goods, and move the goods out of the main conveyor obliquely. One of the upward floating sorting machines is a row of rollers that can rotate to the left or right to lift by pneumatic power The product can be discharged to the left or right.

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